when Anita was camping with her friends, She never thought that they would find evil in the form of woman. After meeting with the archangel Gabriel, She becomes the white valkyrie, which will face the black valkyrie Evil Angel


Wake Up Evil Angel


After finding fame with a stolen screenplay of a recently deceased unsigned screenwriter a movie studio’s script reader turns to murdering his backlog of budding screenwriters for their movie ideas.


The Next Big Thing


When two people who admire each other from afar cross paths, they let the opportunity of a lifetime to meet pass them by.


Lost in Sydney


When a computer genius deciphers a deep space alien message and discovers that our entire existence is not what it seems, he must race to save our Universe from impending destruction.




A shy young girl wants to tell the real cause of her a friend's death because she was always bothered by her in her dreams but she is afraid that she might be accused of being a part of the crime and so she started to stalk her suspected killer only to realize that the death was self inflicted.




When a series of murders with obscure motives stain with blood a small kingdom just after the abolition of the capital punishment, the police ends up suspecting the former last executioner to work on his own …


The Executioner


After an outbound insurance sales call ends in a supernatural plea for help from a terrified mother, a geeky telemarketer who can locate anything must overcome the trauma his ability once caused him in order to save a kidnapped girl.


Stan Antonio