With only 24 hours before her life support machine is switched off, a coma patient is given a second chance when she is recruited by an organisation that operates within the human subconscious to help stop a terror group that controls people via their dreams.

Sleep Walkers

Knightrider Mentor Asked on June 30, 2015 in Public.
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“A bitter coma patient”? How can he express emotions when he’s in a coma? “A unique undercover agency”? I think it’s back to the dictionary for you!

Lemmy Caution Penpusher Reviewed on June 30, 2015.
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The logline is too long as it uses descriptions too convoluted to be effective whilst keeping the inciting incident and goal vague and plot unclear.

Bare bones:
After a coma patient is recruited in her own mind by an agency that operates in the human psyche she must fight a russian coma patient to prevent a soviet mind control program.

Interesting theme as it deals with a scary question does the mind stay active in a coma?

But all I can think of is Inception…

How will this differ in practical terms?

Hope this helps.

Nir Shelter Singularity Reviewed on June 30, 2015.
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It helps a great deal.

Inception, was a heist movie, albeit a unique and reverse take on the idea – where you are implanting rather than stealing – whereas I want to differ from that aspect as mine will be more like a chase / suspense thriller (Very Cat and Mouse) – plus I do want to play with that element of is he or isn’t he alive, is this all just a fantasy in their head, or is this a representation of their fight for survival?

I guess, I would have the same problem as Ghost in the Shell, which I believe is being made into a live action movie… they will need to differ from the Matrix, which will be difficult as a lot of the Matrix was inspired by the movie, but not impossible and with a different them and take on an established genre I am hoping both will have a place and can be enjoyed individually.

Knightrider Mentor Reviewed on June 30, 2015.
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If the soviet mind control program was actually any good, wouldn’t the Soviet Union still exist?

dpg Singularity Reviewed on June 30, 2015.
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