A getaway driver leaves his team at the scene of the heist when the police are tipped off and he must go on a nonstop chase throughout the streets of LA trying to evade the police, his boss and a hired bounty hunter.


    Moses99 Mentor Asked on August 29, 2015 in Public.
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      Nobody sympathizes with a guy who leaves his people behind, so I would try and find a way to say this in a different way. He should try to save the rest of the team, but to no avail.

      If the police are tipped off, then the goal of the protagonist would be to find out who the informant is. His motivation would be revenge.

      My suggestion: After a failed heist where all his coleagues die, a getaway driver tries to uncover the informant while running away from the police.

      Oscar Penpusher Reviewed on September 22, 2015.
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        Since he’s an accomplice to a crime, why do I not want him to be apprehended?

        dpg Singularity Reviewed on August 29, 2015.
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          Not clear about ‘His team’? Who they are? why he has a team?

          corridorone Penpusher Reviewed on August 29, 2015.
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            I think it’s the sort of Wolf of Wall Street predicament.The character wouldn’t be likeable but you would sympathize for him and his boss would be a worse criminal than him so as much as you want the main character to be caught by the police you want him to get his revenge on his boss.

            Moses99 Mentor Reviewed on August 29, 2015.
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