A newly wed gay couple wants nothing more than live a normal life in the gated community they've moved into, but their arrival leads to civil strife as the sexually repressed conservative leader of the homeowners association will stop at nothing to drive them out.

Love Thy Neighbor

Adam Bernström Samurai Asked on October 24, 2013 in Public.
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Great idea!

It’s hard to tell what genre this script will fall under; is it a serious social drama, or a lighthearted comedy? Try shortening a few phrases and using descriptive verbs:

(Serious drama): A newlywed gay couple struggles to live peacefully in their new community, where the leader of the homeowners’ association will stop at nothing to drive them away.

(Lighthearted comedy)
Sparks fly when a newlywed gay couple moves into a neighborhood governed by a strictly conservative homeowners’ association.

Jaybird1091 Penpusher Reviewed on October 25, 2013.
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Thank you. I think it would be mostly comedy, but maybe not so lighthearted, but more dark humor. But that version of the logline is probably still closer to what I have in mind.

Adam Bernström Samurai Reviewed on October 26, 2013.
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