A recent widow begins using the world’s most popular virtual reality game to escape the pain of real life, but when the game’s characters gain self awareness and start fighting back against the “Human Invaders” she’ll need to find a way back to reality to survive.

    Knightrider Mentor Asked on October 1, 2015 in Action.
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      I would say a “young widow”. I suggest to say virtual reality insteand of VR.

      I think this concept is interesting. What I like is that the character has a clear flow (she wants to escape from reality) and a clear goal with irony (she need to come back to reality -or, I assume, she’ll be killed by the VR people or totally absorbed by the VR world).
      I think you have something this time! I remember an old version of this concept where things were confused, now it makes sense to me.

      Maybe you can include some details to let the reader imagine the VR world ?

      I see this movie like a modern version of “Westworld” where the robots of a theme park starts killing the visitors. Now it’s the virtual characters of a virtual reality game that fights the gamers – and I think they have good reasons to do so, as they were like slaves! It’s good when the opponent has a point.

      I don’ know where your story will go but as a logline, it’s interesting and promising.

      What about:

      “When the characters of a virtual reality game start killing the human players, a young widow, addicted to the game, need to find a way back to reality to survive”.

      I think there is still some work to do to write the perfect logline.

      I like “human invaders”, it could be the title.

      FFF Mentor Reviewed on October 1, 2015.
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        I’ll start by saying this sounds really interesting.  It’s clearly stated and understandable.  I think using the “world’s most” insinuates that you want to use a specific game that the producer might not want to pay to gain the rights to.  I might just say a popular virtual reality game (spelled out in case the person you are pitching to is not as tech-friendly as you might want them to be).

        sloanpeterson Samurai Reviewed on October 2, 2015.
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          One more thing, watch “Gamer” to get some inspiration:

          And “Nirvana”:

          I imagine also that the woman could interact with a software engeneer in the real world who try to fix the problem from the outside, like the heros in the matrix talking with the ‘operator’, this can add a layer to the story.

          FFF Mentor Reviewed on October 1, 2015.
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            Thank You both for your feedback, it is great that you are both interested and feeling positive about the concept. I will make the change to VR so it states: Virtual Reality

            Na, I wouldn’t say that I want to use a certain game, however if I were to say the most influence idea for the game would be anything along the lines of Second Life, the idea people can espcae who they are and lead entirely different lives online is fascinating. If we are killers in the digital realm is this a deep seeded part of our lives that truly exist, can fantasy truly replace reality and if we build complex systems to interact with within these systems what happens when they decide they have rights and so forth.

            The other reason I used the term most popular is: I felt it established reluctance on the part of the owners of this game to not shut it down straight away, they they and a lot of the general population and almost dependant on it, it’s the worlds first digital drug so to speak so when problems start occurring they can’t shut it down as it will cost them too much money, and there are too many people inside who would die if they did so that amplifies the stakes.

            Knightrider Mentor Reviewed on October 2, 2015.
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