A vampire hunter is frustrated when an isolated Mississippi town decides due process must be followed before she will be allowed to stake a dangerous vampire. – Blood and Justice

tradingdavid Penpusher Asked on December 9, 2015 in Comedy.
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So…. what becomes her strategy, her game plan for getting the dangerous vampire staked?

The logline sets up a problem, but it doesn’t indicate where the story is headed, what path the protagonist takes to solve her problem. (Not that a logline should contain a spoiler, give away the ending. But it should indicate the direction of the story, specifically in this case what the protagonist is going to do other than be frustrated.)

And it should indicate what the stakes are — what the protagonist has to gain , lose by failing.


dpg Singularity Reviewed on December 9, 2015.

thanks. I’ll try to make it more clear.

on December 15, 2015.
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Very interesting story idea… Just make sure you follow what others have to say and it will make for an awesome story. The only thing I wouldn’t personally like is to turn this into a kind of drama, but that’s just my personal taste… Anyway, good luck with this! I’d surely hope to see this on screen one day!:)

victortiti89 Penpusher Reviewed on December 9, 2015.

Well. It’s somewhat like a courtroom drama on a ridiculous subject. (should a vampire be allowed to live). Basically a bunch of redneck yokels don’t want to risk appearing on the liberal news media for lynching someone with no trial even if they are a vampire.  No one listens to them when they say they have a vampire so they have to solve the problem themselves.

The vampire hunter has to control her temper with vampire sympathetic true blood enthusiasts and as the vampire eggs her on so she doesn’t turn the town against her.

Now I need to figure out how to communicate that in 35 words or so. 

on December 15, 2015.
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