A widowed father desperately searches for his missing daughter and places his life and those of his friends in danger when they confront a biker gang of her kidnapping.

Amit Penpusher Asked on October 27, 2015 in Action.
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A widower must rescue his daughter from a ruthless biker gang. (11 words)

Well, that seems to be the essence of the plot.

It goes without having to waste words in the logline that he places his life in danger in doing so.

What the logline might benefit from is a sense of urgency that raises the stakes. Llike he has 24 hours to pay a ransom or else they’ll kill her.  And a motivation on the part of the biker gang that more directly links them to the father.   Is the kidnapping more than random, meaningless act of non-kindness?  Of all kids in the world, they could have  kidnapped, why did they kidnap this one?  Do they believe the father is good for the ransom money?  Is it an act of revenge against the father?


dpg Singularity Reviewed on October 28, 2015.
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Is there a flaw you could give the father to get over in the process of saving his daughter?

Not necessary in the genre and I believe the plot has all vital elements but it does seem a bit generic so perhaps a unique inner journey could help in that sense.

Hope this helps.

Nir Shelter Singularity Reviewed on October 28, 2015.
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