An archeologist’s family struggles to stay alive, after a failed expedition in the remote jungles of the Amazon awakens a supposed extinct, cannibalistic humanoid that terrorizes and hunts them, one by one.

DD Penpusher Asked on October 29, 2015 in Horror.
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So failure is what it takes to invoke vengeance by a humanoid cannibal?   Sounds like some teachers whose tutelage I had to survive.

But seriously, the standard mytho-poetic formula is that daemonic forces arise to wreak revenge for failure to respect taboos, failure to avoid trespassing on sacred grounds, failure to respect sacred objects.  I suggest that the definition of the expedition’s failure needs to be refocused and made more specific.

dpg Singularity Reviewed on October 30, 2015.
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An inciting incident would give the story a starting point and add legitimacy to the creature’s vengeful tendencies.

After disrupting the tomb of an ancient beast an archaeologist must fight a cannibalistic humanoid to get his family safely out of the Amazon.

Hope this helps.

Nir Shelter Singularity Reviewed on October 30, 2015.
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