DIRTY LAUNDRY: Under the influence of her new washing machine, a shy single woman seeks pleasure in her dirtiest fantasies while dreaming of having a family.

    FFF Mentor Asked on October 6, 2015 in Horror.
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      Love the core concept FFF!

      My suggestion is expand it.  Why not a new machine with a mysterious brand name in a laundromat or coop?  Users discover that it brings out the dirty laundry in their minds.  Sexual fantasies, revenge fantasies, crime fantasies, etc. Escalate from there.

      Maybe a shrink starts using it to bring out and wash out people’s psychological problems.  And a priest for confessions and absolution because it improves the quality of confessions —  parishioners are more honest.  Cops use it to interrogate suspects.  Reporters use it to  interview politicians.  Build a family feud type TV series around it.  How about a comedy rather than a horror flick?

      Whatever.  The concept triggers all kinds of story possibilities in my mind. I think you’ve got a winner.  Run — don’t walk — with it.

      dpg Singularity Reviewed on October 6, 2015.
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        I like this too! It really screams comedy to me, but doesn’t have to be. It reminds me of that Click movie with Adam Sandler, taking something modern and using it as a magic, fairy-tale type device. I would re-position the second part a bit, to better emphasize the conflict of the story. So something like-

        DIRTY LAUNDRY: Under the influence of her new washing machine, a shy single woman seeks pleasure in her dirtiest fantasies, complicating her goal of settling down and having a family.

        But if it’s horror, you have to introduce that element in the logline. Right now, there’s no horror in the logline. Do her fantasies start turning masochistic and violent, even more id-driven? Does she hurt/kill someone? Is someone trying to stop her? Etc.

        I think the ideal of making it a machine at a public laundromat is a good one, though you could still have other characters affected if its her own machine, if she washes a friend’s clothes, etc.

        steveylang Samurai Reviewed on October 7, 2015.
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          Thanks for the feedback !

          I have a full outline for this one and 2/3 of the script (70 pages) – I just need a full week end to close the first draft.

          it is an existential horror in the mood of Haneke movies, there will be a descent into hell for the main character, there will be blood and killings, but most of the movie is just a psychological drama so I decided not to stress the horror element in the logline.

          The relationship between the main character and the machine is an intimate one, something like the love for the car in “Christine”; the laundromat would be more appropriate for another movie I can see where it may go.

          There will be some funny scenes at the beginning for exemple a mad plumber who sells the machine, but the main mood is drama.

          I’ll watch Click! I was thinkin more about L.A.Story where Steve Martin talks to a freeway sign.

          FFF Mentor Reviewed on October 7, 2015.
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