After being pressured to visit a company that uses advanced robotics for prostitution, a lonely writer decides to rescue a reclusive female A.I. from her brutalizing lifestyle.

    Be My Amour

    MistourJ Penpusher Asked on August 31, 2015 in Public.
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      This is a really great premise. I wouldn’t give the Bladerunner thing a second thought. It’s not like Bladerunner was the first film to explore the topic anyway. About 10 years ago people said Zombie movies were done to death and now look at us. I agree with ‘DPG’ that the future is becoming real and I can see that this sort of thing is going to be explored more and more.

      I think though you could probably lose a few words in this description, and then add some, to describe the problem he needs to overcome to help her. Like ‘deserthorror’ says it doesn’t really tell you what the guts of this movie is going to be.

      I also really like the title, it’s romantic and ‘who is the armour?’ It’s not clear, which suggests a shift in power in the relationship. That’s great.

      Here are some media with similar themes you might want to check out,
      Pleasure models in Westworld.
      The Bladerunner video game – Deckard saves a teenage prostitute.
      Star Trek Original series- What are Little Girls Made Of? (That’s Bladerunner right there, the climax is almost shot for shot)
      Doctor Who – Robots of Death. Not sexmodels but they are servants.
      AI – Jude Law is a sex robot in that.

      Clint Cure Penpusher Reviewed on October 21, 2015.
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        The idea of A.I sex workers was dealt with in Blade Runner where one of the replicas was a “sex model” (Daryl Hannah). All be it she was a replica and not a robot but the same principle applies artificially manufactured life and man made intelligence.

        The same is true in Spielberg’s A.I where they have a “sex model” robot and most recently in Her.

        All in all the existential questions – What is life? Can man play god? Are the core themes in these stories. The elaborate super tech world their placed in has traditionally been the preferred setting what dates back to Metropolis with Her as a possible exception.

        Point is from the logline the story can either deal with the ethics of a sexual profession or existential questions.
        If the former, then, with the sex worker not being human rather a robot the empathy level could suffer and the impact of the story is diluted.
        If the later, then, what is the “hook” how will this be any better and different to the classics that came before it. The setting and budget could be a huge obstacle for most producers.

        Lastly what is the widower’s goal? What does he need to do now that he has fallen in love with the A.I?
        This needs to be in the logline.

        Hope this helps.

        Nir Shelter Singularity Reviewed on August 31, 2015.
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          Notwithstanding the role of A.I. robots in other movies, I think this concept has legs because fiction is on the cusp of becoming fact. A.I. is becoming sufficiently robust to alarm a number prominent people including Nobel Laureate Stephen Hawking, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — not exactly Luddites — about the threat it poses to our lives and perhaps our survival as a species.

          Here’s my revised logline:

          When a philandering salesman falls in love with a robotic prostitute whose specialty is BDSM, he fights to liberate her from the pimp/programmer who controls her. (26 words, 156 characters)

          Having her specialty be BDSM would explain why she is brutalized.

          Philandering businessman because it would place him in greater jeopardy, create more conflict than if he was a widower who didn’t have to worry about the impact of his A.I. sexual escapades on his marriage. Now, he would not only have to deal with the relationship with his wife but also with his own BDSM impulses.(That’s why he procured her services, right?) Is he liberating her so he can have exclusive domination of her or…?

          Also, this version maps the current relationships of pimp-prostitute-john to the brave new world of A.I. by making the pimp a programmer, a geeky and manipulative genius, who wrote the “sexy” code that made robotic prostitution viable. Others refined the plumbing for prostitution — but he coded the breakthrough in the personality, innovated the je ne sais quoi feature that makes her so seductive, so desirable. He’s not about to let a mere john take away his creation, his masterpiece, his money maker.

          Whatever, I can see the story going in any one of several directions. Best of luck with the one you choose.

          dpg Singularity Reviewed on September 1, 2015.
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            This logline captures the setting, characters, and setup very well. The limitations seem to be that the logline ends at the Act One break. It is hard to envision what the engine is that will propel the characters for ninety minutes or two hours. What is the goal beyond falling in love with a robot prostitute.
            The writing is good, but it appears to be the b-story that needs a driving plot.

            deserthorror Penpusher Reviewed on September 2, 2015.
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