Is the teacher of the Presidents youngest son part of a plot to rig the coming election, or is her love of him, real?

    Darkthorn Penpusher Asked on September 25, 2015 in Drama.
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      From this logline I have no Idea who’s the lead character. Is it the teacher? Is it the Presidents? Is it the President son? Is it the person who investigates the teacher? I don’t know, and the reader should know who the lead character is after reading a logline.

      Also you should leave questions out of loglines, instead focus on the lead character and what they want. A basic rule of thumb would be, if it sounds like it’s from an episode of batman, (Will the caped crusader escape from the clutches of the Joker? Tune in same bat time same bat station and find out) then it probably shouldn’t be in a logline.
      Richiev Singularity Reviewed on September 26, 2015.
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