When a lost, married actor meets a younger married woman, he must try to befriend her in order to get back on track in life again.

    Lost in translation

    StellaAurora Logliner Asked on October 9, 2015 in Drama,   Examples.
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      ‘Lost in Translation’ is one of my favourite films. The first time I saw it I watched it three times, back to back. It’s a whimsical slice-of-life drama that’s directed in a very personal and stylized manner. It’s the very antithesis of dramatic imperative and that’s what makes it so great. The two main characters have no goals or motivation – they are lost. It’s the kind of film only a truly independent filmmaker could make, most writers would never get a script like this past the readers and development executives.

      “While on a short trip to Japan, a middle-aged married man and a recently married young woman meet and form an unlikely platonic friendship”.

      kbfilmworks Samurai Reviewed on October 9, 2015.
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