When a apathetic policeman's new-born son is kidnapped he will do everything in his power to expose a corrupted Chinese state and it’s network of child traffickers to get his son back.

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    andrewclau Logliner Asked on July 1, 2013 in Public.
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    I think you’ve got the elements, just tighten it.

    One comment, try a better flaw than “apathetic”. Something that relates a bit better to the theme/story. Certainly after his child is kidnapped he won’t be apathetic.

    “Fighting a corrupt Chinese state and a network of child traffickers, a [flaw] [Australian?] policeman must rescue his kidnapped son”

    Default Reviewed on July 2, 2013.
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      Isn’t the story set in the China; ergo, the policeman is Chinese?

      I think this is a strong concept, lots of possibilities. But it’s unclear to me whether the child traffickers operate:

      Because the system is corrupt in general.
      Because the authorities allow the child trafficking –they are paid off to look the other way.
      Because the child-trafficking is run by the police.

      As far as a “flaw”, how about a “loyal” policeman instead? To heighten the outrage: they’ve not only stolen his son, but his fellow cops and the system he blindly put his faith in, has betrayed his loyalty by not helping him.

      It’s his fellow policemen who are apathetic.

      So, something like:
      When child-traffickers steal his new-born son, a loyal Chinese policeman must fight against apathetic superiors and a corrupt system to get his son back.


      dpg Singularity Reviewed on July 2, 2013.
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        The flaw of apathy was something I struggled with. What I was trying to communicate was that this policeman had a practiced apathy for the reasons of self-preservation. Corruption amongst police officers and the State is rampant in China and always has been. So is Child trafficking.

        The hero of my story has, despite being morally uncomfortable, taken money from his peers and turned a blind eye to their crimes to fit in, get along and remain a police officer. He’s sacrificed his high moral standards just to keep his job. He’s the opposite of Serpico – where Serpico was faced with corruption he took it head on. In a way, the hero of my story has been hiding. And the moment his son is taken, it forces him to confront the issues head on.

        andrewclau Logliner Reviewed on July 2, 2013.
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          dpg, thanks for the positive feedback. Yes you are correct, the policeman is Chinese and the story is set in China.

          The child traffickers operate because the system is corrupt in general. The police don’t directly run the child trafficking, but they do turn a blind eye to it. To keep international watch dogs off their backs, they’ll occasionally do raids on child trafficking networks but it’s all just a show so groups like UNICEF shut up.

          andrewclau Logliner Reviewed on July 2, 2013.
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