When a conservative man adjusts to life in a wheelchair, he suddenly finds it difficult to achieve an erection. Snubbed by his busy, self-centered wife, and desperate to reclaim his virility, he must use something he hasn’t in years: porn. (Short Film)

Tom Davidson Samurai Asked on November 10, 2015 in Comedy.
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I don’t find this to be interesting or unique.  It’s a guy on a wheelchair watching porn.

Have you seen the film “The Sessions” about a 38 year’s old man in an iron lung who decides that he doesn’t want to die a virgin and he hires a professional sex surrogate who has a husband, a house and a son? It’s inspired by a true story.

That’s interesting and unique.

Maybe if your main character was a former porno actor or a ladies man with a very active sexual life who has to adapt to the idea that things will never be has they were before and he has to find a new path on his life.

Or maybe if the person who helps him to get his sexual life back was someone that one would not expect to do something like that. Like a nun or a lesbian.

I don’t know. You need to figure out a way to make it more unique and interesting.

bamgomes Logliner Reviewed on November 10, 2015.

Thanks. In the meat of the script there’s obstacles to him looking at porn, like the fact there’s no wifi because the router was destroyed in his car accident. There’s also some pity help from his wife right after they learn the dysfunction. I realise it still is what is though, I’ll work on giving it more interest.

on November 10, 2015.
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I think it’s a good idea for a short film, just make sure to work the logic… if the man can’t have an erection, porn isn’t a solution. Maybe it’s just because he can’t have an erection for his wife that he needs porn.

Avoid the word “man”… be more specific.

Make clear what is the inciting event – the wheelchair or the wife snobbing him?

and make clear where is the source of conflict (or there is no story: a man is snobbed by his wife, he watches porn -end of the story)  You can make the logline shorter, something like:
“When a conservative teologist on a wheelchair is snobbed by his wife, he’ll find that to acces porn isn’t easy as he thought”, if the story is about a man on a wheelchair who need to access porn (visually, what action take place in the story).

Psychologically, I won’t put the blame on the wife, maybe it’s the man who feel unconfortable on his wheelchair and feels like he can’t love anymore, like he’s inadequate (a more complex character).

FFF Mentor Reviewed on November 10, 2015.
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