When a misfit discovers that she, and the rest of humanity, are just a computer simulation, she must team with a rebellious AI to prevent the simulators shutting down the virtual world in an attempt to stop humanity from being reborn.


    Knightrider Mentor Asked on June 22, 2015 in Public.
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      “Dispassionate”? Back to the dictionary! Do you mean “disillusioned”? Or, if she is the only one who knows, maybe “mutated” would be better. If she’s a “Sim”, how can she be part of “humanity”? Presumably it was humanity who created them.
      How about: :”When a reclusive woman discovers that she is not human, but a simulant… etc.”
      In the Danish TV series “Real Humans” the tension was between the humans, who use the sims as servants, and a group of sims who had broken out and become rebels. Sounds like a similar problem.

      Lemmy Caution Penpusher Reviewed on June 22, 2015.
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        So basically humanity is f****ed. We’re damned if we keep the simulation going because our existence is a digital illusion; and we’re damned if we stop the simulation because that means our extinction.

        That’s a bummer. In contrast to the “The Matrix” which offered hope in the form of real flesh and blood rebels and the prospect of liberation from the simulation.

        While the logline confirms my worst existential suspicions, I’m not sure it is marketable.

        dpg Singularity Reviewed on June 22, 2015.
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          Thanks for both suggestions. I guess the way I see it she is a sim, but she is a glitch, and so in this virtual world she begins to see it for what it is, and develops free will, free of the system itself so the computer that created the world will will be terrified of it.

          In terms of the hope for humanity, maybe I could tweak the story a little bit. Maybe, there could be an outside hope for humanity. That at first, they are trapped inside a system, but by the end she could end up in a real body and represent mankind’s rebirth.

          Knightrider Mentor Reviewed on June 22, 2015.
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            Might want to consider re-phrasing this…..

            assaf Penpusher Reviewed on June 22, 2015.
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