When Air Force One and a large passenger plane’s engines fail, the hacker responsible informs one of the secret service agents that he has two hours before each plane crashes to either assassinate the President or let his wife and child die on the other plane.

Knightrider Mentor Asked on December 2, 2015 in Thriller.
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The ideas contained within this logline are truly mindblowing! It appears very easy, as concept, when in fact, it is the exact opposite. It would make for a really fine, breath-taking action movie… Just be aware that an ” Air Force One ” movie has been made quite some time ago as well as some other plane hijacking-themed movies, so just try to be original in your approach…

victortiti89 Penpusher Reviewed on December 2, 2015.
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i like it.  Write it!

seanamulvihill Logliner Reviewed on December 7, 2015.
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I see a problem with the core concept.  If the hacker can make the engines of Air Force One fail, why doesn’t he just crash the plane?  Why bother with the secret service agent at all.

I’m sure you’ll deal with this in the actual script, but it was my first thought when I read the log line.

So maybe take the part about the engine failing out.  Because all that matters is that a secret service agent has credible evidence that his wife and child are about to be murdered unless he kills the president first.  Trouble is, he’s currently midair on Airforce one.

DylanK Samurai Reviewed on June 6, 2016.
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