When every dream in a town is caught in a magic dreamcatcher, the girl who owns it must escape from people who wants to kill her beacuse she’s seen their dreams and then destroy the dreamcatcher.

StellaAurora Logliner Asked on October 9, 2015 in Adventure.
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I think the premise has promise but…

First of all, the girl is only  reacting not acting, and only in a negative sense. The logline portrays her as only escaping — running away — with no hint of what she wants to run toward.  Which is to ask, given her access to the dreams of others, what becomes her objective goal?  What does she want to do about the knowledge she has acquired?

And I suggest it might be better if  she is the dream catcher.  She doesn’t own a “dream machine”.  Maybe she wakes up one morning and discovers she has acquired the innate ability to know other people’s dreams as well as remember her own.  Or suddenly, after years of vivid and lucid dreaming, she can’t remember any of her dreams — only the dreams of others.   Whatever,  make it a personal endowment, not a prop.

But either way you go, the question comes up in my mind:  how does everyone else know that she is privy to their dreams?  Is she so foolish, so indiscrete as to let them know?  Or is it a secret that leaks out?  And what is it about their dreams that her knowing them makes them so angry that they want to kill her?

As I said, I think the premise is promising but suggest it needs to be refined.


dpg Singularity Reviewed on October 9, 2015.
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