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To make this work however, you MUST stick to a few important rules.

1 – Register

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2 – Learn how to logline

The format of a correct logline is simple, but you can’t write just any one-sentence. To help you, we have developed a formula that will take the headache out of writing your first draft. Learn it. This is the format we use on this site.

Now you’re ready to post!

3 – Submit a logline

This is simple. Click the button in the top left corner, and enter your logline and title. That’s it!
Now, while you wait for our other expert logliners to discover and critique your work, —

4 – Build karma

You’ve posted your own logline, now it is time to comment on at least two loglines written by others.
Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have any authority yet. Just give us your gut response to the story.

5 – Pick a favorite

When you feel a particular comment helps you improve your logline, please mark it as your preferred one.
This way, the commenter can collect brownie points. Everyone likes brownie points!

6 – Bump your logline

If your logline drops down the list without reviews, you can ‘Bump’ it to the top. (If you want to bump the same logline more than once within a month, it costs $2.99) Please do not bump more than one logline at a time. This may lead to your account being frozen.

7 – Examples

The “Examples” category was introduced to submit loglines of well-known films. Reading loglines of films you know will help get to get the idea more quickly. Why not submit the logline for a well-known film you love? It is a good exercise and it will benefit everyone. Don’t forget to give it the category “Examples” when you submit!

8 – Stay Cool

These are the Logline It community guidelines. In the first seven years of the site, we have never had to ban anyone. But if you repeatedly violate one or more of these points, we will block your access to the site.

    • Please use common sense.
      This is your forum. How would you like people to behave in your community? Be an example.
    • Don’t be a freeloader.
      This is a free community, but we expect you to give back (see 4. above)
    • Don’t spam.
      Don’t post more than one logline per day.
    • Don’t re-post the same logline.
      That’s what comments are for, so we can easily see the improvement of a logline over time.
    • Be considerate in your reviews.
      We have over 25,000 comments/reviews on loglines, so you
      should be able to figure out what is acceptable.
    • Respect feedback, and learn from it.
      Reviewers donate their time, so please consider their recommendations in a comment, or revised logline (also in comments).
  • Feel free to ask questions.
    You can ask questions via the comments, or by sending us a note via the Contact form.

(*)From time to time, we may send you an email with info about Logline It, or other free and commercial offerings for screenwriters.