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  • Singularity Posted 1 hour ago in Romance.

    I guess the most obvious question is, why not just give her the sperm sample?

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  • Singularity Posted 1 hour ago in Comedy.

    I seem to be saying this a lot… Your logline needs conflict

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  • Singularity Posted 3 hours ago in Action.

    As Nir points out, your latest attempt is closer,

    However, your description of your characters is vague.

    You describe your lead character as ‘someone’ and you describe the antagonist as ‘ another’ … this really tells us nothing. You can give us a brief description without actually adding too many extra words to the logline. Here would be an example:

    “When an accident leaves a nerdy student with the ability to manipulate fire. He must race to an ancient temple while avoiding a ruthless cult that wishes to use his abilities to awaken a long-dormant fire god.”

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  • Logliner Posted 3 hours ago in Drama.

    In order ┬áto fund their child’s last chance medical treatment, a couple races across the country to deliver to an unstable drug cartel boss their customised hot rod within 24 hours while evading police and rival gangs.

    latest rework, added a more compelling motive than financial ruin and replaced the “must race” by just races. Also as mentioned, the buyer is now an unstable drug cartel adding an extra level of danger.

    A reason for the 24 hours could be the birthday of the son of the unstable drug cartel boss. The car is his birthday gift.

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