RE: A Lieutenant in a drug gang, misreads a situation killing his boss. This sparks an internal war eventually leading to the destruction of his gang, his death and the loss of their terroritary.

      CraigDGriffiths Singularity Posted on April 24, 2020 in Crime.
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        Yep – bad people are far, far more interesting.

        However – my best advice here is to make sure we have some empathy for this guy at the start/first 10 minutes.

        I mean… Tony Soprano – loved his family, right? Don Corleone too. Joker was bullied.

        You know what I’m saying. We probably won’t stick around if he’s an out and out horrible person. We should at least understand why he’s an asshole – at least in the first 10.

        Also – goes against Aristotle. A depraved horrible person who reaches a terrible end/undeserved misfortune. Basically – no one will care.

        However – if it’s an intermediate hero with bad and good qualities who meets tragic end/undeserved misfortune. We’ll care. And it’ll hurt. And we’ll feel something. (I honestly reckon Don Corleone and Joker fit the bill here.)

        This advice is more geared towards the read I think.

        If you were a PT Anderson/Tarantino/already in the industry – you could probably get away with making him an out and out villain. Not as easy when you’re trying to get that script read.

        Anyways – good luck!

        Mentor Answered on May 9, 2020.

        Thanks. I believe people have to be relatable not likeable. If I can look at someone and say “I understand why he did that”, it is far more compelling that “he is a nice guy”.

        My first film to sell was two bent cops beating a confession out of a drug dealer that had killed their friend.  Very little to like.  The audience is off balance the entire film.

        The second had nice people, I wrote that 5 years ago. It follows the “have a likeable person” theory, it is not as good, I think it suffers for it.  I made one of the characters horrible and the nice person finally has to kill to learn how to survive. It is no getting made in the UK.

        I think parasite is a great example.  People aren’t knife welding killer (that is a joke), but there are no nice people.  Everyone is judgemental or willing to lie to get what they want.

        The writers you mentioned prove that stories can be written in that way, other wise there would have no examples.  The other truth, they were who they are from the first word they wrote.  They suddenly didn’t get permission to write that way from some high ranking organisation.  You must be true to yourself.

        I acknowledge that it is difficult to see how bad people can be made compelling. You hate them and want to see them dead.  In that situation, you are waiting to see how it happens, you are praying the universe gets revenge for you.

        I really appreciate all the comments and help people have been giving me.  The story is as firm as concrete, it is perhaps one of the best things I have written.  The budget will be bigger than I have written previous.  I have my 70 dot points (my planning process) and I am on page 30 of a restructure.

        I am trying to get a handle on how to weave such a complex story with multiple threads. I may have to retreat to the theme.

        Again thank you everyone.

        on May 9, 2020.
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