RE: A man blackmails a young woman he’ll inform the shelter and care program about her ongoing drug habit, leaving her homeless, unless she becomes his mistress.

      torgodog Logliner Posted on May 6, 2020 in Drama.
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        INTENTION: to blackmail a woman into becoming his mistress.

        OBSTACLE: ?

        I think this might work better from the woman’s angle. Let’s try it out…

        INTENTION: get clean? get her life back together?

        OBSTACLE: her drug habit – which is ruining her life in more ways than one.

        A woman trying to get life back together is blackmailed into sex by a man who threatens to inform her shelter and care program about her secret drug habit.

        I dunno…

        What do you think is the obstacle from the man’s angle? What’s standing in his way? 

        Intention and obstacle both need to be strong and specific.


        Mentor Answered on May 8, 2020.
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