RE: Set in the year 2050: When he wakes up out of his coffin to discover that Transylvania has become an Orwellian fascist state, Count Dracula must lead a rebellion and take them down before they uncover his true identity.

The_CNI Samurai Posted on October 27, 2018 in SciFi.
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He wakes up out of his coffin, or he wakes up and gets out?
How does he end up leading the revolt? If he uses his powers of persuasion people will know who he is… besides he only gets out at night. Why is he trying to conceal his identity? Does he conceal it from his revolutionary partners?
What triggered his awakening?
When you say “take them down” you should be more specific: the oligarchy, the party, the president and his goons!? Who is the main antagonist? the police chief, the guy in charge?

Samurai Answered on October 27, 2018.
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