RE: When a bad boy movie star agrees to a blind date, he ends up with his biggest fan – a struggling single mom, whom he falls for.


      thedarkhorse Mentor Posted on May 2, 2020 in Romance.
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        Could probably replace “agrees” with “goes on”. Admittedly – I’m sure this could be chopped down. Curious to know if the concept has much energy.

        Not sure if “whom he falls for” is a hook or twist. Certainly I hope “bad boy” and “struggling single mom” conjures up ideas of conflict.

        Also – on a side note. Has anyone read this book? Dpg? Richiev?

        Apparently it’s the best one for the ever-mysterious business side of screenwriting. Which lets face it – is just as important if not more.



        Mentor Answered on May 2, 2020.
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