RE: When a suicidal FBI agent is assigned to infiltrate a prison drug ring, his life is saved by two lifers and a bond forms, however, his new friendships soon thwart his mission.

      thedarkhorse Mentor Posted on May 8, 2020 in Drama.
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        30 words. A bit long. Lets consider this a working logline as I’m playing with the idea.

        Admittedly – nothing very specific just yet so I might need to do a rough outline or something. I’m testing the concept – see if it excites anyone.

        INTENTION: infiltrate and take down dangerous drug ring. (Admittedly, I don’t use “dangerous” or “take down” in the logline. Hopefully that’s innate.)

        OBSTACLE: these two lifers whose lives are on the line – once they get entangled.

        STAKES: hopefully – it’s clear it is life or death.

        ARC: suicidal to appreciating life.

        Some notes on this:

        1. The Sophie’s choice/dilemma should be innate. His duty and loyalty and mission (which should be corrupt) versus this new family/loyalty/unlikely friendships he finds in prison.

        2. I think that loyalty is tested and the hero must make a decision when his superior orders him to make his friend into patsies in a cover-up – an idea. 

        3. I figured the lifers would be murderers and this should make us question whether one is allowed a second chance or whether someone can redeem themselves.

        4. I considered making the protagonist a cop but I want his superiors to have somewhat corrupt, “means-to-an-end” ethics. The protagonist’s corrupt superior (who is also taking orders, just a worker bee) urges that these lifers/new friends are expendable to his mission.

        5. Only in prison does this suicidal agent find a reason to live and begin to appreciate life. 

        6. “Suicidal” – I’m not sure whether to include. I hope it suggests his arc from suicidal to appreciates life. 

        7. Lastly – the corrupt superior is not necessarily a bad guy. He too, is taking orders I think. A worker bee. Making those difficult decisions.



        Mentor Answered on May 8, 2020.
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