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Hi Logliners and storytellers,

You’ve been fantastic, keeping the site alive and buzzing over the past year since our 5th anniversary last year!

We’re in better shape than ever, and I hope this means we’re really helping you in crafting better loglines and concepts.

A big shoutout to our top reviewers: dpg, Nir, RichieV, Foxtrot25, Dkpough1 and Craig. Together, they’re responsible for over 10,000 reviews! The top logliners you can find in the righthand sidebar. →

A final massive shoutout to Peter Van Schellebeck, aka Pixelcrunch, who has been graciously donating his genius in times of need. And trust me, there have been quite a few over the past six years.

Which brings me to the following…

Tech Volunteers Wanted

Peter VS and I have been running the tech side of this site, but we could do with another smart tech-head. If you’re super-skilled with WordPress, can handle PHP and MySQL – and you have some time to spare every now and then – please get in touch.

Most of the work happens when we need to update the WordPress theme (that’s the interface you are looking at right now), or if/when we migrate to a new theme. Other than that, I can mostly handle the day-to-day running of backups, updates and general maintenance.

We would also like to make some minor theme modifications to satisfy the heavy users, and this is not something we can’t do without volunteer help. The cost of running this site (hosting, domain registration, SSL and software licenses etc.) has maxed out what I can reasonably donate in return for some promotion of my services. And I want to keep the use of the site free.

No Double-Dipping!

Sometimes you post a logline, then want to revise it after you received constructive feedback. By all means, include the revised version in your COMMENTS.

Please don’t re-post your loglines as new entries. New versions of the same logline need to go in the comments/reviews section.

This way everyone can see the progress and learn, and it keeps the site from cluttering.


Celebrations Ahead

Soon, we’ll be celebrating the 5,000th logline AND six years of Logline It! Keep your eyes on the site – and your inbox – for the announcement of date and deets.

The idea is to organise another day of live logline reviews via video streaming, with Nir and myself in front of the camera, and possibly some of you as well!

I have been experimenting with video over the past few years, and never really found a satisfying solution.

But although it has been a long and painful road, I bit the bullet and decided to bring my story advice to YouTube.

Nir has expressed his interest in joining me for regular logline reviews on video, and we’re now exploring how we can make this work practically.

The YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, I’m powering ahead by reviewing a few loglines every week via my YouTube channel The Story Department. Check out the playlist that collects all videos containing logline reviews.

You can submit loglines for review on the channel by posting a comment underneath any of the videos, or by emailing me directly.

Dpg collected a list of the most common problems we encounter with loglines on the site, and I will be ploughing through these over the next few weeks and months as well.

If you would like to be notified when I post a new video, just subscribe to the channel. Constructive feedback, suggestions, or plain old praise are always welcome.

Happy loglining!





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