A family unit must help their youngest member fulfill his destiny while on the run from a cult who believes the super-powered child will bring the end of times, and the government who believes the boy’s purpose is to end them. – ‘Midnight Special’

    Samurai Posted on September 1, 2019 in Examples.
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      Hmm.  My recollection of the movie is that the government is more interested in analyzing and exploiting his special powers than fearful that he poses a security threat to the government or an existential threat to human survival.  After all, they capture him to analyze his abilities– not to kill him.


      Also, the logline should focus on the protagonist, the father, who is clearly the character in the driver’s seat of the plot (literally), who is the alpha character trying to keep the gifted boy out of the hands of the Feds.

      Singularity Answered on September 2, 2019.
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