A lone surfer attacked by a shark and stranded on a reef must find a way back to shore before succumbing to her injuries.

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    The Shallows (2016)

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    on August 28, 2018.
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      Backstory:  I was reviewing a Black List of loglines  based upon a survey of  favorite scripts read by 250 film executives in the calendar year of 2014. (The scripts were not yet in production at the end of that year.) To make the cut for the Black List a script had to get at least 6 mentions. A total of 70 scripts made the cut.

      One of the scripts that made the cut was the logline for the script “In the Deep” which was released in 2016 with the title “”The Shallows”.

      The logline above is verbatim from one in the Black List.

      Mission accomplished.

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        Funny, I almost worked on The Shallows but ended up taking a job on a much bigger project. Friends of mine worked on it and said I dodged a bullet – the shoot was grueling and hard. I’d like to think that they all walked away with a sense of achievement as they did overcome many challenges during the shoot.

        The logline reads well but sounds shallow… (pun intended) as it’s a very simple survival story. It’s so simple that it could be lean on story and not very engaging, but if done well, like in Gravity, it could be an amazing experience. Haven’t seen The Shallows so I can’t comment.

        Singularity Answered on August 29, 2018.
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          >>>the shoot was grueling and hard.
          According to IMDB,   the film was originally going to be filmed on the Gulf Coast of Texas, but the filmmakers were denied a film permit for safety reasons.

          One reason I selected the 2014 Black List to study was to see how many of the scripts had actually been produced in the ensuing four years.  “The Shallows” had only a two year lag — it was released in 2106, which in Hollyweird time is almost warp speed.

          Singularity Answered on August 29, 2018.
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