A man hosts a dinner party for his closest friends, only to spend the evening trying to convince them that he is a werewolf.

    Mentor Posted on December 7, 2017 in Thriller.
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      This would also be a good comedy.

      But it does need a consequence and why is he doing it?

      To get his friends to kill him he must first convince them he is a werewolf.

      For instance.

      Summitry Answered on December 7, 2017.
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        What’s at stake?

        A couple more things I wonder about:

        1. Is there a full moon on the night the dinner party takes place?

        2. Is the silver cutlery causing him problems?

        Samurai Answered on December 7, 2017.

        What’s at stake is he prevents them from leaving and they initially think he’s gone insane from grief (his wife has mysteriously died just a month prior) and he begins to get more and more hysterical.
        Yes, funnily enough there will be a full moon that night.
        He eats with plastic cutlery. But, the reason he’s trying to convince them that he’s a werewolf is so that one of them will kill him before he turns and hurts anyone else.

        Hope this helps.

        on December 7, 2017.
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          Something huge is missing. What you describe is only a scenario. You need to include what may happen if he fails and even why he needs to convince them at all. I imagine simply showing them means they will be eaten?

          I would find something ironic to focus on here if possible.

          Summitry Answered on December 7, 2017.
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            Who is the lead character? The man who believes he is a werewolf or one of the people who he is trying to convince to kill him?

            Singularity Answered on December 8, 2017.
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              What if he has to convince his friends he is a werewolf before the change takes place and he kills them rather than they kill him? This way you give the movie a ticking clock. I’d watch it.

              Penpusher Answered on December 14, 2017.
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