A man hosts a dinner party for his closest friends, only to spend the evening trying to convince them that he is a werewolf.

Moses99 Mentor Asked 4 days ago in Thriller.
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This would also be a good comedy.

But it does need a consequence and why is he doing it?

To get his friends to kill him he must first convince them he is a werewolf.

For instance.

CraigDGriffiths Overlord Reviewed 4 days ago.
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What’s at stake?

A couple more things I wonder about:

1. Is there a full moon on the night the dinner party takes place?

2. Is the silver cutlery causing him problems?

Adam Bernström Samurai Reviewed 4 days ago.

What’s at stake is he prevents them from leaving and they initially think he’s gone insane from grief (his wife has mysteriously died just a month prior) and he begins to get more and more hysterical.
Yes, funnily enough there will be a full moon that night.
He eats with plastic cutlery. But, the reason he’s trying to convince them that he’s a werewolf is so that one of them will kill him before he turns and hurts anyone else.

Hope this helps.

4 days ago.
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Something huge is missing. What you describe is only a scenario. You need to include what may happen if he fails and even why he needs to convince them at all. I imagine simply showing them means they will be eaten?

I would find something ironic to focus on here if possible.

Foxtrot25 Overlord Reviewed 4 days ago.
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Who is the lead character? The man who believes he is a werewolf or one of the people who he is trying to convince to kill him?

Richiev Singularity Reviewed 3 days ago.
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