A poetic journey along the traces of the desire for illusion and escapism anticipating the current reality shifts in the US.

    benschind Penpusher Asked 1 week ago in Historical.
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      This is a statement. A film is a collection of images. This doesn’t talk of a single image.


      CraigDGriffiths Summitry Reviewed 7 days ago.
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        Unfortunately, this logline does not provide movie producers with the information they are looking for in deciding whether to invest their precious time in reading the script.  Please read the guidelines under the  “Our Formula” link at the top of the web page for information on how to formulate and industry acceptable logline.

        dpg Singularity Reviewed 1 week ago.
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          Is there a lead character? If so, what is their goal?

          (Is this a documentary?)

          Richiev Singularity Reviewed 1 week ago.
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            Agreed with all the above comments. Check out the ‘Formula’ tab on the top bar for more information about how to construct a logline. Don’t let the word “formula’ scare you, it’s only intended to help you put all your ideas into a cohesive description of the story.

            Nir Shelter Singularity Reviewed 3 days ago.
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