A Talent Agency for Dogs struggles to find a dog for an important German beer commercial.

    Penpusher Posted on April 19, 2016 in Comedy.
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      I like the concept.  I think it has a lot of potential for comedy.  But as others have noted it, the logline needs a main character.

      And it needs stakes.   What does the main character stand to gain if she succeeds, lose if she fails?  Maybe  it’s a startup advertising company running out of its stake, its venture capital.  The stakes could be that if can’t  cast the right dog, the owner will go bankrupt, lose every penny she’s sunk into her venture.  Either the owner/manager casts the right dog — or the business goes to the dogs. Or else it could be an established firm on the verge of going bankrupt.  And it’s all up to the main character to find the right dog,  keep the account, save the business.

      Whatever, the premise would be strengthened by urgent stakes.

      Singularity Answered on April 19, 2016.
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        Best to describe a premise from the point of view of a single character and explain their stakes.

        Who is the main character? Why is it so important to find a dog for this one add? Why is this casting job more important than any other casting job they have?

        Singularity Answered on April 19, 2016.
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          I miss a main character.

          Mentor Answered on April 19, 2016.
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            If it is an ensemble try something like:

            A boss mid divorce, a secretary who wants to come out and a cast director who wants to quit struggle with their problems and trying to find a dog for a massive beer advert.

            Not great but how I may approach it.

            Summitry Answered on April 20, 2016.
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