"A young New York woman, Elizabeth, who is suffering the effects of the seven deadly sins, confronts her ex-boyfriend to express her true feelings."

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Penpusher Posted on April 9, 2012 in No Category.
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      Can we learn somewhat more about Elizabeth? What is her function. The fact that she lives in New York doesn’t really set her apart in any significant way.

      “Suffering the effects of the seven deadly sins” – Does this mean that she is severely flawed, as in indulging in all seven sins regularly?

      “confronts her ex-boyfriend” is really only a moment, it doesn’t promise us sufficient drama to sustain a feature film.

      Default Answered on April 13, 2012.
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        I agree. There’s not enough here to sustain a movie and what is is all too vague – what does “suffering the affects of the seven deadly sins” mean? And using her name, Elizabeth, seems redundant. Her name tells us nothing about her.

        Default Answered on September 11, 2013.
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