After a night out drowning her sorrows, a lonely woman wakes up next to a man she just met and discovers they are on his boat in the middle of the ocean and it’s sinking fast.

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Is this a comedy-thriller? That would be different since there have been a few thrillers/dramas (and who knows how many scripts) with this general predicament.

What is the purpose of this happening with a stranger, what extra conflict comes from it? They both want to survive and will work together, it seems. Clarify if it’s a matter of one or both hating or mistrusting the other or…

While lonely is good in general, it is assumed with this kind of character and better to say something more significant about her. Same with the co-lead, we need more than “a man.”

Is the boat a yacht? Be specific.

Robb Ross Samurai Reviewed 4 days ago.
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Or alternative based on the guidelines:

When a lonely woman finds herself in the middle of the ocean in a sinking boat with a mysterious man she just met, she must employ all her resourcefulness to keep it afloat.

Paul Clarke Samurai Reviewed 4 days ago.

..this reads better too
Suggesting what’s stopping her from keeping it afloat will add to the span of her action (which I don’t know how you plan to sustain for a feature length)

4 days ago.
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What’s the story about?  Figuring out how and why she got into the predicament?  Or figuring a way out of her predicament?

dpg Singularity Reviewed 3 days ago.
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