After falling for the tennis world champion, a no-name photographer gets a job at the Wimbledon tournament and pretends to be a successful newspaper owner to win her heart.

    Mentor Posted on July 10, 2019 in Romance.
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      In the age of the internet, I don’t see how passing himself off as a successful newspaper owner is credible.  All she has to do is google his name and the name of the paper he says he owns to find out he’s an impostor.  Which she would surely do if she has any interest in him.  That’s SOP these days.

      Singularity Answered on July 10, 2019.
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        Further to dpg’s comments…

        How does a no-name photographer fall in love with the tennis world champion? Surely for this to happen they’d have to be close enough for him to get to know her. OR has he in fact never met her and is infatuated with how she is portrayed in the media and her looks. If that’s the case, then his actions aren’t romantic. They’re just plain creepy. In this day and age, this is problematic!



        Singularity Answered on July 10, 2019.

        Thank you for your review!
        No, he met her already once and they plan to meet again at the Wimbledon tournament.

        on July 10, 2019.
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          FWIW: As an amateur photographer I am attracted to your premise.  However, I suggest that you invert the situation.  That is, he may be carrying a secret torch for her, but he’s too shy, too socially inadequate to approach her directly.  However she notices and becomes interested in him via his online photography,  his pictures of her in action.  And candid photos in between.

          And other subjects.  You mentioned in one thread that he is agoraphobic, goes out at night.  Well, I follow on Flickr two photographers who specialize in night photography.  They do wonderful shots of the night life and scenes in the cities where they live.  (Which is not easy to do–night photography is challenging.) Their photography has attracted an avid following. So that’s another way she could become interested in him.  Her hobby is photography and she starts following him on Flickr or Instagram or Facebook.  And he notices she responds to his photos with “likes” and “faves”.  In this way you would be turning his liability in terms of  his personality into an asset in terms of the kind of photography he does as a compensation.

          And then either she reaches to him with a comment or email query or he dares to reach to her to thank her for appreciation of his photos.

          And then…

          Singularity Answered on July 10, 2019.

          Thanks dpg!

          I like the idea of an agoraphobic night photographer! She is into his pics, but he doesn’t know it. That adds another twist.

          on July 12, 2019.
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            One other thought:  The shy-guy must compete for her attention and affection with a romantic rival who is everything he isn’t.  And may be pushing for and on the verge of getting her to marry him.

            The end of Act 2 “darkest hour” could be her agreeing to marry the rival.  And she asks the shy guy photographer to shoot their wedding.

            Now what will he do?  What must he do?

            Whatever, I see a more interesting story with your protagonist in the role of a photographer than the other roles you have been auditioning him in other loglines.


            Singularity Answered on July 13, 2019.

            Thanks dpg!

            I planned to bring in another romantic rival who is also a tennis player- the most successful tennis player in addition.

            And my plan is to make him an ex-sports photographer who is now doing night photography because of his agoraphobia- but only as a hobby.

            He doesn’t think he is very good in it, so he isn’t really pursuing this profession until he meets her. She already knows his photos from a social media platform and is really keen on getting him back to shooting. So they go out shooting together, as photography is her main hobby, as well.

            Whatever, I’m really excited about this project!

            My new logline now is: After falling in love with the tennis world champion, an agoraphobic night-photographer must overcome his fear of crowds to win her heart at a completely packed Wimbledon stadium.

            Thanks for your constant interest and feedback!  

            on July 14, 2019.
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