After his father goes to jail a naive television executive deliberately produces the worst possible shows in order to drop the ratings and prevent his father’s network from being taken over, but the shows he produces become a huge success and he is made to continue making them.

    Singularity Posted on October 11, 2015 in Comedy.
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      Maybe it’s not the father in jail who puts the story in motion, but just the menace of taking over. And who wants to take over the network?

      Then, I think that you have a clear, ironic, interesting plan (produce the worst possible show). And you don’t need to say “BUT”, because in good movies you never have what you’re supposed to get. I think about “Brewster’s Millions” where a man needs to spend a million in a month to have acces to a multi-millions heritage, obviously it wouldn’t be so easy. He invests in the worst possible baseball team… BUT…

      “When the family’s network risks to be taken over by a corporation, a naive television executive must produce the worst possible show to drop the ratings, only to find the audience is hard to disappoint”.

      But maybe I don’t get your story right. The question is: the plan stay the same (produce the worst possible show, but the audience like it) or the plan change (he must continue to produce the show but it’s not easy to do it when you’re forced to).

      I would go for a story where the producer try in each episode to do the worst, sure that it would be a disaster, but the plan always fail at the end.

      Mentor Answered on October 12, 2015.

      Thanks for the feedback FFF

      I agree with you my writing partner and I are working on those very issues you raised now so good to see we are thinking in the correct way.

      About your question the plan is to temporarily produce the worst shows to temporarily lower ratings then once the value of the company drops he plans on buying a majority of shares to prevent a future hostile take over and retain control of the company and its assets.

      I think best to avoid all of the detail of his in the logline and focus it on the action he takes or do you think there are important details of his plan that should be included in the logline?

      on October 14, 2015.
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        I have to agree with the previous comment.  The jail aspect doesn’t move the story along and doesn’t have a good connection to the stations take over.

        Plus I found the word “naive” confusing.  He has come up with an elaborate plan which bumps into the naive description.

        I like the concept, at the moment I am seeing it as a love child of “Major League” and “The Producers”.

        Summitry Answered on October 16, 2015.
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          Thanks for the ideas guys.

          How about this as an update:

          When an evil corporation threatens to buy out his father’s television network, an executive deliberately produces the worst shows to drop the ratings and prevent the take over. But the new shows rate through the roof.

          Singularity Answered on October 19, 2015.
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            This is a logline for a comedy series pilot it’s an update of a previously posted logline.

            Thanks for your help.

            Singularity Answered on October 11, 2015.
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