After living with the lie for 30 years that she heroically assassinated a notorious Nazi war criminal, a new clue gives a retired Mossad agent one last chance to finish the job she botched.

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The Debt (2010)
Genres: drama, action-thriller

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This is a logline for marketing the script.

A logline for developing the script is another matter because the story jumps back and forth between the present and  the past. (For more on the distinction between the two, see  Development vs. Marketing under the discussion of the basic formula.)

And the Big Reveal, that she failed in her mission, was responsible for the Nazi  escaping , doesn’t come until deep into the 2nd Act.  Normally, a logline  shouldn’t disclose a Big Reveal, particularly one that occurs so late in the story.  But the Big Reveal — that she botched the job, hence, that she’s been living a lie for 30 years — is the story hook.  And IMHO, when it comes to marketing a script. the story hook is the most  important element; it trumps all the usual “rules”.

Further, there are complications and a Big Twist in the 3rd Act that keep the plot riding the up escalator in terms of tension and suspense.


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