After two centuries toiling behind the scenes as the mastermind of every government screwup, a zombie bureaucrat goes public and runs for President. His timing is perfect: no one notices he’s different.

    Born in the UZA

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    Singularity Posted on June 10, 2019 in Comedy.
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      Love the sound of this!

      Why now though? What makes him think now is the time to run? Is it because he thinks no one will notice he’s different in the current economic climate? I feel like the fact that no-one notices he’s different is almost accidentally convenient rather than a deliberate choice made on the zombie’s part.

      I’m guessing his primary goal is to become President but I feel like we need to understand why. Does he want to screwup America forever? Or make a statement about world politics?  Within this world, is he part of an organisation of zombies trying to disrupt events in the world? Or is he the only zombie?

      Does he have an arc at all? Or does the world change around him?

      Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


      Overlord Answered on June 11, 2019.
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        The idea for a plot involving zombie bureaucrats was inspired by my experiences working  with real life bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. (The horror! The horror!)

        And yes, he is the master mind of  a cabal of zombies who have worked covertly for decades, generations. (That was my original idea)  He’s going rogue, coming out from behind the scenes.

        Why?  Because of his character flaw:  vanity.  He wants to receive the recognition and credit for all the screwups that have been “blamed” on politicians and earnest government employees who were just trying to do their job.

        And if that doesn’t make sense to normal people like you, that’s your problem!  🙂  Remember he’s a zombie.  And it’s a  parody , taking the current state of the political climate in the US  to an absurd extreme.

        Does he have a character arc?  No, I”m thinking he’s a steadfast character.  The character arc is reserved for his “normal”  Vice-President partner on the ticket, a feminine anarchist who cynically sees him as the way to take the system down , only to come to realize…

        The major problem I’m having is  that that the truth is stranger than fiction .  Reality is outpacing my imagination!


        Singularity Answered on June 12, 2019.
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          If he masterminded all screwups, does he just want to keep screwing up on grander scale? I think it might be funnier if he’s been the brains behind averting major calamities, and feels he’s the only one who can really save us now.

          Samurai Answered on June 14, 2019.
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