An FBI agent must stop a victim of an alien abduction – modified into superhuman seeking revenge to his creators – before he starts an intergalactic war.


    Samurai Posted on August 11, 2013 in Public.
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      It should be the abduction of the victim and violently operating him his superhuman abilities.

      The problem is that he don’t know how to control them and he mistakenly wipes out his family (his wife and kid’s brain explodes) so he seeks revenge on the Aliens.

      However, aliens had some plan for this guy and as it didn’t worked out, the guy escaped, aliens have no another choice then wipe out humans 🙂

      Samurai Answered on August 12, 2013.

      I really like your plot and character

      on April 20, 2018.
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        What is the event that kicks this story off?

        Samurai Answered on August 12, 2013.
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