An opportunistic internship becomes a battle of wits between  an ambitious young man and a manipulative venture capitalist when the former learns that he’s being used as an accessory to the latter’s white collar crimes.

    Penpusher Posted 1 week ago in Drama.
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      You know what would be great? If the intern had been raised as a grifter by his conman father.

      The intern had walked away from “the life” to go straight, now he is being set up by a conniving boss

      So he gets his father’s old crew back together to get the boss and walk off with the money.

      “When he discovers he’s being framed for his conniving boss’s Ponzi scheme, an ambition intern calls in his grifter fathers old crew in order to con the con.”

      Singularity Answered 1 week ago.
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        Good start.

        Taking Richiev’s logline one step further, clarify the “wits” and “turn the tables.” Be specific with at least one battle or otherwise paint more of a mental picture.

        Is “opportunistic”  a contradiction? Sounds like he’s there waiting to exploit something and the rest of the logline says he reacts to something. Describe him once, not in two separate places. “Ambitious” is assumed working in a VC company. Describe him in a way that is the start of his arc, with a flaw or issue.

        Mentor Answered 7 days ago.
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          “When he discovers he’s being framed for the bosses Ponzi scheme, an ambition intern uses his wits to turn the tables and hopefully walk  off with a billion dollars to boot.”

          Singularity Answered 1 week ago.
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            When an ambitious intern discovers he’s being used by his boss to commit white collar crimes, he must…

            Well, what must he do about it ?

            The logline sets up a dramatic problem, but it doesn’t follow through with a  clearly defined solution the protagonist will attempt . What must he  do when he realizes he’s being used as an accessory?  There are a 1,001+ ways to engage in a “battle of  wits”?  Which one does he choose?  What becomes his specific action plan to accomplish a specific objective goal?

             Richiev’s  idea is one way to go; it all depends what you have in mind.

            Singularity Answered 6 days ago.
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