Halloween decorations only in October, no flowers in the parkway — clearly the neighborhood HOA has become tyrannical. A group of moms plot a takeover during their weekly bunco night, and the only thing in their way is the idiot president and his old white guy friends.

    Just for fun. A report from my last Bunco night.

    But could be dark comedy metaphor on US politics.

    Samurai Posted on May 7, 2019 in Comedy.
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      A solid idea:

      “When the HOA president inflicts draconian rules on the residents, a fed up mom, and her friends plot a coup in order to take down they tyrannical dictator of their block.”

      Singularity Answered on May 7, 2019.

      Very good! I’ll start with this and keep tweaking. I think I need to set up the metaphor – these women at least want some power over their own homes. They are fighting a ruling class (bored retired men) who want to wield power over everything including the ladies’ gardens (get it, he he). But seriously – you have to file an “architectural change form” for approval if you want to replace a dead plant.

      on May 8, 2019.
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        I  can certainly identify with the woes of dealing with a HOA as can millions of others.   I think you’ve got a built-in large and receptive audience to the concept.

        However, I suggest you brainstorm all the possibilities before locking into the plot.  For example, as a general rule, unless  there’s a hot-button issue on the agenda,  HOA meetings are sparsely attended..  The most recent HOA for my division was rescheduled for lack of a quorum.  And very few people vote by showing up or by mail proxy for HOA board elections.  Which means that it should be relatively easy for someone with the help of a handful of co-conspirators to pull off a coup.

        IOW: where does the plot end?  When they succeed in taking over the HOA?  Or is that when the  plot gets really interesting and complicated?  What do they do after the revolution, after they now have the power (hence, the responsibility)?

        Also, another story thread could arise from the fact that  HOA boards contract out day-to-day management to private management companies.  What if that’s the locus of corruption?  (My HOA dropped the management contract with a local management company, contracted with one headquartered over 2,000 miles away. )

        Anyway, best wishes.  This is a movie I would like to see.


        Singularity Answered on May 7, 2019.

        Thanks for comments. After think about this more, I might actually take it seriously and try to script. More fun then my other ideas so far!

        For color, I live in one of those Stepford Wives gated communities in LA suburb. And the HOA meetings I hear are packed. I’ll definitely check out next one in person – but I’ve seen video- yes, a mom took secret video to show the screaming matches. These things are turning into near brawls over damn flowers. We now have about 100 new neighbors in brand new track homes so more voters to go after. It seems the coup is to try to dethrone the tyrannical ex-cop president, or at least lessen his power. One major criticism is he’s one of those guys that constantly talks over women so he’s really got it coming.

        Thanks for encouragement anyhow!

        on May 8, 2019.
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          Here’s a another (serious) take after taking heavily from Richiev-

          “When the HOA president inflicts draconian rules on the neighborhood, a fed-up mom and her friends plot a coup to takeover the HOA. They conspire under cover of darkness — at their weekly bunco nights.”

          Title: Bunco Night

          First sentence could hang on its own at 23 words.
          Second sentence feels optional (11 words) but I like setting up the title and adding a bit more comedy.

          Anyhow, gives me a good footing to actually take a spin at developing. Thanks all!

          Samurai Answered on May 10, 2019.

          I don’t think you need the second sentence. Where they plot and when they plot isn’t important to the logline. All that can be left to the script and to the screenplay title.

          on May 10, 2019.
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