How a Black police officer infiltrated a Ku Klax Klan chapter with a Jewish partner who eventually became its leader.

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    BlacKkKlansman (2018)
    Genres: biographical, historical

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    A marketing logline.

    on May 14, 2019.
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      Does this logline break the iron-clad rule that a logline should never give away how a story ends?  Does “…who eventually became its leader” constitute a spoiler?

      I would argue that if it does, this is an instance where breaking the iron-clad rule is justified.

      The Prime Operative of a logline is to pitch the script, make logline readers want to read it. I submit that this logline fulfills the Prime Operative by pitching not 1, but 3 story hooks. 1] A Black man infiltrated the KKK. 2] With the help of a Jewish partner. 3] And his partner ends up leading the chapter.

      It’s a case of the truth being stranger than fiction.

      I see the “spoiler” as the 3rd beat topper to the joke the two PO’s played on the KKK.

      Singularity Answered on May 14, 2019.
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        How about putting it in present tense: A black police officer enlists the help of a Jewish cop to infiltrate and  thwart a Ku Klux Klan group.

        Penpusher Answered on May 23, 2019.
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          You raise a good point.  I considered presenting it in the present tense.  I opted to use the past tense to underscore that the script is  based upon events (in the past).  To  say, “This really happened folks – it’s not fiction.”

          If it were  a fictional story, then , yes, I would have used the present tense.

          Singularity Answered on May 23, 2019.
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