Humiliated by a stern Harvard law professor in the first day of class, a first-year student vows to become his star pupil. And then he falls in love with the professor’s daughter.

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    The Paper Chase


    Singularity Posted on August 14, 2019 in Drama,   Examples.

    The love story subplot is setup in Act One. It’s the complication that threatens his objective goal. Otherwise there’s no suspense in his struggle. He’s got the chops, the brain bandwidth, the study habits, the resolve to succeed. It’s also the vehicle for working out his character arc (subjective need). 

    on August 14, 2019.
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      A first year student’s draws ire from his Harvard law professor reprimand on first day of class, Falling in love with the professor’s daughter only complicates his goal of first class honours.

      Penpusher Answered on March 18, 2020.

      Accept that’s not what happens.  The professor has a legendary reputation for ambushing, humiliating 1st year law students.  The protagonist is the latest in a long line of victims.

      on March 18, 2020.
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