In a distant future China has assumed control of most of the world by capitalizing on our sun disappearing. However, A young scientist discovers that the sun problem can be solved, thus initiating another World War.

    Disaster Sci Fi Movie/ According to Blake Snyder this would be a “Golden Fleece” type of Movie. Simliar to Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, Etc.

    Help me make the logline better! Thanks for your help in advance.

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      Please elaborate on what you mean by our Sun disappearing

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        It explodes, thus leaving the world sunless i didn’t want to go into the sun disappearing too much because it part of the setup in the actual story. Basically ( I know i’m fudging science a bit) the nuclear fusion rate inside of our sun suddenly accelerates making it die faster.

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          great idea, Gman
          A think its a little to wordy.
          being sci fi – just saying “disappearing” seems vague. Are Aliens involved? Is our solar system dying? etc. If the sun is dying or about to die, tell us. No need to go into sci fi detail in the logline, leave that for the script.

          Does your scientist have a flaw? Arrogance, loner? etc

          Protag- Young scientist
          Antag- china (Military leader) or rival scientist selling idea to china
          Goal- restore life to sun
          Inner Conflict- ? Time? Rival scientist or close friend?
          Outer Conflict- battles china, WW3
          Irony- ?
          Hook- ?
          Genre- Sci Fi

          play with the words some more. Best of luck.

          Penpusher Answered on August 3, 2012.
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            Thanks setting up a new one. I believe the irony is the fact that the card (no sun) china is relying on is no longer viable unless they take out the scientist. Basically china is in control but their control is threatened.

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              Where is the scientist from?
              Who fights in the war?
              What is the scientist flaw? Is he alone? Does everyone believe him?

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                The fudging of the science does make it a bit hard to grasp for me but there is promise here I feel. You mentioned in a post the sun explodes? Maybe it should implode to avoid vapourizing at least half of the solar system? Could you word it something like…” China holds the world hostage by monopolizing a technology that protects the earth from a dying sun. Only one young and naive Australian scientist knows the secret but he must battle a Chinese assassin to get the secret into the right hands” My version is wordy and not spot on but maybe you get the gyst of what I’m trying to say. Good luck and good start! 🙂

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