In a post-apocalyptic world, a family must remain silent to hide from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing.

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A Quiet Place (2018)

Singularity Posted on May 11, 2019 in Examples,   Horror.
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Trivia question: what is the inciting incident in this film? ūüėČ
The answer will give you an insight in what might be (one of) the theme(s).

Samurai Answered on May 11, 2019.
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The logline I posted is the marketing version  featuring the story hook.  I have come to believe that to be the most important element in a spec script.

And based upon my understanding  of how the film came to be,  that is how the project got going.  The star/director,. John Krasinski, got involved on the basis of the hook .  But he was not satisfied with the spec script.  So he undertook a number of rewrites before arriving at the version that was shot. Hence, why he got the lead writing credit.

So I see this as an instance of a movie project that got going  more on the strength of the story hook than on the strength of the  plot of the original spec script.

As for a development version of the logline that sets out the inciting incident for the shooting script — good question!

The film opens in media res, sort of,¬† the monsters are already there.¬† And they kill a son.¬† Which creates a subjective problem, the daughter’s sense of guilt for her brother’s death and her relationship with her father.¬† And embedded in that is a theme¬†

Whatever, a development logline is supposed to focus one the objective problem and goal, not the subjective.

So, the story jumps forward to more than a year later.  The wife is pregnant, has almost comes to term.  Which raises the objective dramatic problem:  infants cry.  It could take years to train the child to remain silent.  Which raises the dramatic question: will she be able to safely deliver and raise the baby in such a hostile environment?

I throw the question back to you:  what do you think to be the inciting incident of the plot of the film that got made?

Singularity Answered on May 11, 2019.
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