In the future where people can change gender in an instant thanks to a revolutionary new pill, a young woman uses this method to evade capture by the authorities in pursuit of the real person who murdered her daughter.

    Logliner Posted on August 21, 2019 in SciFi.
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      Singularity Answered on August 21, 2019.
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        One would assume that in a world where gender changes can happen in an instant, a fugitive’s changing gender would not be enough to fool the authorities. The police would have caught up with the technology needed to identify DNA in an instant.

        It’s an interesting idea, this pill, but I’m wondering if a crime story does it justice and helps it pay off to the outmost—compared for example to a rom com (bisexual woman wants to win the heart of both a straight and a gay man). Or a scifi political allegory about transgender rights.

        But a crime film?

        OK, so she changes gender once. Pursue, pursue, pursue. It’s Harrison Ford all over again. What’s new?

        Or does she swap between genders lots of times? Perhaps between A- and B-story scenes? She turns back to a woman so her hospitalised father recognise her? Just like Spiderman takes off the mask before aunt Mae? And how many times can we see this magic before it becomes banal?

        Also, in such a story, transgenderism will play a serious part. Politically. people go through lots of work, hormones etc., to achieve a gender change, today. What do you think changing gender in an instant means for them and for society?

        First of all, it means that society has accepted transgenderism to such a degree that whole sectors of scientific research have been dedicated to people who want to change gender. It means that society is much more liberal than Trump’s America, for example. (And this is definitely an understatement.)

        It also means that there will be a great wave of experimentation with this pill. Men will switch to women for one night, just to feel multiple orgasms, then switch back to their male selves in order to be powerful at their work place the next morning.

        Unless patriarchy has been crushed?

        (I’m scratching my head but—patriarchy taken away—I can’t find any reason for any woman to change into a man—for purposes of experimentation I mean.)

        See what I mean? We are talking about huge social differences that go with the pill. Have you considered any of them?

        Mentor Answered on August 22, 2019.

        Can you review my logline. It is slightly similar. Although it is about a girl considering sex change to claim her inheritance she doesn’t .  Would love it if you revved the story , script too.

        on August 24, 2019.
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