In the throes of the Iraq war, a flight medic and his crew risk their lives to save injured soldiers and civilians alike.

Penpusher Posted 4 days ago in War.
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Just curious, but what is the hook of the story? Because as written it could also say “In the throes of the Iraq war, a flight medic and his crew do their job.”

In other words, this is an interesting setting and situation but it is missing the hook. The thing that sets it apart and makes people sit up and take notice.

That doesn’t mean your story doesn’t have a hook, it just means whatever that hook is, it should be added to the logline.

Singularity Answered 4 days ago.
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Good premise, now raise the stakes. Tell us what is unique about this story. Why is this man’s experience so harrowing?

Is the medic sitting in a fortified base where he treats the injured as they are brought in? That would fit your logline, but is more of a “Mash”-like drama than a War film.

Maybe his patrol ambushed while in a small town and the Taliban are shooting everyone who moves and reinforcement cannot get through?

Maybe the medic is with a front line unit during the bloodiest battle of the war and he runs across the battlefield saving friend and foe alike?

Samurai Answered 4 days ago.
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As the others have said.

The logline sets up an interesting situation for a plot, but, alas, it fails to follow through with a genuine plot.  Taken at face value, it promises an episodic narrative (aka: a string of pearls) where one damn thing (crisis) happens… and then another damn thing happens… and then another.  And “one damn thing after another” is necessary for building a plot.  And all the damn things may be harrowing, full of jeopardy, conflict,.

But they ares not sufficient.  To what dramatic climax are all the “one damn things after another” building?  What is the overarching objective goal of the protagonist?

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you try running your logline through the site’s logline generator..

Singularity Answered 4 days ago.
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