Once twins find out they live powerful family and part of a prophecy, are rescued from Earth, they must fulfill their destiny to destroy the dictator.

    Penpusher Posted on April 16, 2019 in SciFi.
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      The first line is confusing. Is it necessary for the logline?

      Singularity Answered on April 16, 2019.
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        Yup, for starters, the language needs to be clear.

        Add specifics and missing parts. Are the twins two girls or two boys or one of each? Are they teens? Dictator where?  What’s the difficulty in destroying him or what’s the  plan? What are the stakes, what would happen if they fail?

        Is a prophecy really needed? They’re so overdone, which means it needs an especially fresh angle or twist to tell readers that this writer is being original.

        Mentor Answered on April 17, 2019.
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