Suffering from hallucinations and sleep paralysis, an American exchange student studying abroad in Tokyo discovers that he has become host to a fox spirit responsible for a series of attacks that vary from mischief to malice.

    Penpusher Posted on January 15, 2016 in Horror.
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      The logline sets up a situation, but portrays the main character as a passive victim –“he has become host to a fox spirit”. 

      After the exchange student realizes he’s become a host, what does he do about it?  What must he do?  What becomes his objective goal?

      Singularity Answered on January 15, 2016.
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        Saying the lead is an American exchange student, and then saying he is studying abroad, is redundant.
        When an American exchange student in Tokyo discovers he’s become host to a fox spirit, he must… (Then tell us what he must do)

        Singularity Answered on January 17, 2016.
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