A 15 year old child prodigy who was born with amazing powers and abilities must unwittingly use those powers to save the city of Boston from a psychotic superpowered cult leader with the help of his equally reluctant and estranged grandfather…a former criminal genius supervillain.


    Superhero action horror

    Penpusher Posted on August 9, 2019 in Superhero.
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      I like the idea of SuperHero/SuperVillain family dynamics. Could be fun twist on super hero movies 🙂 The kids dad is a supervillain now he forced to be one. He instead decides to use his superpowers for good and enlists his grandad to help him. How about:

      “A 15 year supervillain turns superhero and enlists the help of his supervillain grandpa to save his city from a psychotic super-powered cult leader.”

      Penpusher Answered on August 10, 2019.

      Sounds really good. Thanks I’ll keep it in mind.

      on August 10, 2019.
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        Hey Mike,

        I have put the logline in the right place, and concatenated the separate sentences into one.

        “Unwittingly” doesn’t work for me: the hero must be determined and conscious of the action(s) they take in most of the film (i.e. Act 2).

        Have you tried our logline generator? Go to: https://logline.it/generate and see what result you get, then post it in a comment below!

        Samurai Answered on August 9, 2019.

        Thanks for the feedback. I meant to write unwillingly.

        on August 9, 2019.

        When The disappearance of a family friend and the injuring of his brother, 15 year old child prodigy with superhuman powers must To stop a psychotic superpowered cult leader from destroying the city and killing the city’s elite; but when Find the kidnapper and learning the truth , he must Must accept his powers and be a hero in order to Goes after the main villain .

        on August 9, 2019.
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          Why does the cult leader want to destroy a city? What’s he hoping to achieve by doing this? I find a good exercise for writing a believable villain is to write a logline from their perspective too.

          No hero should be unwilling. They may be hesitant to start but ultimately they have to choose to step into Act II. The grandfather character can totally be reluctant, but as soon as the hero makes that decision to use their powers for good he HAS to stick to it.

          Seems to be a lot of superpowers floating around in this world. Are there more people with powers? If so, why is it this 15 year old who has to do something? If not, how are you going to explain them? Every single superhero has an explanation for their abilities. They’re aliens, bitten by a radioactive spider, built a suit, created by man, etc, etc. So far, I feel like we have to accept a world where someone can just be born with powers. Oh but his grandfather has powers too. Oh and this other dude. It starts getting a bit problematic in my head. How do you see this working?

          In your revised version, the whole “disappearance of a family friend and injuring of his brother” really doesn’t add anything. It doesn’t seem to relate to the supervillain in any way either. Accepting his powers and going after the main villain is the climax of Act 1.

          I really like the super boy and super grandpa dynamic so stick with this but figure out what’s important, what’s the main spine of the story and write the logline around that. I liked the way you ended with the whole “working  with grandpa” bit… it adds a great comedic twist on the story and helps me imagine the tone of the film better. I hope that’s what you were intending. Give us a 3 dimensional bad guy too.

          Hope this helps.


          Singularity Answered on August 9, 2019.

          Thanks, it did

          on August 10, 2019.
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            I meant to write unwillingly but was not paying attention.

            Penpusher Answered on August 9, 2019.
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              When his city is threatened by a psychotic cult leader, a prodigy with newly discovered superpowers must team with his uncle; a former evil genius mastermind, in order to save the city.

              Singularity Answered on August 10, 2019.
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