When a Barrister with early-onset Alzheimers obtains a mysterious brief, he must use a unique legal exemption to convince a Court to set aside his own client’s acquittal.

    Samurai Posted on April 14, 2020 in Drama.
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      How about something like:

      Staring down early-onset Alzheimer’s, a barrister struggles to clear his conscience with a clever legal maneuver to reverse the acquittal that made him famous.

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      Not exactly the outline of the plot.  And slightly dumbed down for laymen.  Because you’ll be pitching the story to mere laymen unlettered in the mysteries of the law.  And the story hook should not get lost in the weeds of legal details.

      My version also assays to aim the spotlight on the stakes. He must clear his conscience while he can. And it’s not just any old acquittal he wants to reverse. It must be in the case that made his reputation.  (And perhaps an innocent man’s life is also at stake but that’s unclear to me as I have no idea what legal time bomb is  ticking away in the mysterious brief.)

      Like Detective Edmund Exley in the movie “L.A. Confidential” who MUST as a matter of conscience tear down with a wrecking ball the case that made his career, his reputation.


      Singularity Answered on April 14, 2020.
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        Thank you for your great ideas.


        Samurai Answered on April 14, 2020.
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