When a criminal investigation threatens her wealthy estate, a selfish woman places it in a charitable foundation run by her naïve, unhinged colleague and attempts to maintain control without her knowledge. (Sitcom)

    Samurai Posted on October 31, 2017 in Comedy.
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      Confused about this. She places the entire estate, not just cash into a charitable foundation? If she is the protagonist and also a criminal, why would we want to root for her to maintain control?

      Is the charity friend the Protagonist? If so, you need to rewrite this to reflect that.

      Otherwise, sounds like a fresh story with potential.

      Summitry Answered on October 31, 2017.

      Thanks Foxtrot.

      She is definitely the protag, although being a TV show they each get a bit more time in the spotlight.
      Her husband is suspected of criminal activity (he’s arrested in a foreign country and not involved in the story), thus placing their entire wealth in jeopardy.
      Used to her lifestyle and often attending and helping with charity events, she has the knowledge of how they operate and uses this to hide her assets, but the only way to do it properly is to put it in someone else’s name. So the dramatic irony should make everything more interesting as the other main character could discover the truth at any moment.

      So she’s not exactly a sympathetic protag, and I’m not sure we’d root for her to succeed at all, but being comedy that’s most of the fun. There’s a bit of Arrested Development there, and perhaps a lead similar to Kristen Bell in The Good Place (also not a sympathetic character). But while selfish, she’ll be working hard to maintain the illusion, and that should keep us engaged and perhaps end up caring.

      on October 31, 2017.
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        Confused. She transferred her complete estate to the foundation? That’d make little sense financially wise.

        Also her COLLEAGUE runs the foundation? wouldn’t it be her EMPLOYEE then? assuming the protag chairs the Foundation Board.

        Penpusher Answered on October 31, 2017.

        Thanks Pedrots.

        I will probably have to do some financial research and it may depend on the country where it is set, but perhaps it should be a charitable trust rather than foundation?

        The woman is more of an acquaintance she met at another charity event who becomes a colleague, so not an employee.

        on November 1, 2017.
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          I also assume that the authorities are working to become wise to her and pursue them both? One thing about Government, they are good at following the trail of money.

          Summitry Answered on November 1, 2017.

          Yes, the primary antagonist is the government agent seeking to take everything from her.

          With her disabled friend as the wildcard who has control over the money and can therefore spend it as well.

          The first season would be about trying to keep it all, but end with them losing everything (house, money, cars) – but becoming actual friends. Season two would be working hard to get it all back.

          At least that’s the plan!

          on November 1, 2017.
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